effectivus (adj) = creative, involving product; of practical implementation; effective/productive

I believe passionately that great products come from understanding customers. I launched effectivus to help others bring the best possible products to market in the most effective way. I combine strong commercial thinking, technical understanding and innovation to deliver concrete results. I have over 20 years experience with products for the film and television production industries.

“Chris very quickly understood our product and our goals and was very effective in talking to our customers”

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Quality Product Time

Having decided to give up full-time work my successor and I decided that we should make a final trip together to visit key customers in the US. It was a great trip to NY and LA, visiting many of the major post-production, film and television production facilities.

At one such visit I had just explained the context of our visit when our senior contact leaned back and said “Ah, yes, its all about QTR, isn’t it?”. “QTR?” I asked. “Quality Time Remaining” he explained. It certainly made me pause for thought on what I was doing with my own life, but upon reflection it also brings up another idea, that of quality time in our products.