About me

I offer effective product thinking to all types of organisations who create technology products for commercial markets.

“Chris very quickly understood our product and our goals and was very effective in talking to our customers”

effectivus is an Oxford based consultancy focused on helping conceive, develop and bring to market innovative high tech products.

What I do

I help you to imagine, create and bring to market, innovative technology products.

“He is able to combine a thorough technical awareness with energizing creative drive, that leads to new and innovative solutions”

The exact role I play depends to a large extent upon the skills and resources of your organisation. Some clients have little experience of developing new products, so I help them through the entire process. Others have a great deal of experience, but don’t have adequate resources to start a new product in the time-frame required. I step in and fill the roles required, always doing so in a collaborative and inclusive way, and mentoring where necessary.

“Chris was able to guide us through the process of developing a commercial model, gaining initial PR and finding our first users.”

I also coach, lecture, write and advise.


Founded by Chris Steele who has 25 years experience in bringing innovative high tech products to market. He has a barrier-crossing background in engineering, design, business and teaching.

He has worked with many complex software and hardware products in both start-ups and large multinational companies. These products have often had multi-cultural teams and international markets.

“He is creative in his approach and timely in delivering agreed goals.”

Products he has helped bring to market have won 3 Queen’s Awards, 2 Emmys, generated many millions in revenue and wide industry recognition. He has developed professional relationships with Sony, Adobe, Apple, Samsung and many others.

Chris has an MA from the Royal College of Art and an MBA from Cranfield University.