What to expect when working with effectivus

Agreeing what is to be done

Before we start work we will have agreed with you what is to be done, how long it will take and what it will cost. Most projects can be broken down into stages and this gives us the chance to define deliverables at the end of each stage. This gives you, the client, a chance to see that work is progressing on time and that we are delivering what you need. When you are happy with deliverables, and not before, we will invoice you for that work.


Our clients usually like to keep the work we are doing secret. We assume that this is the case and will never share information about you with anyone unless we have your permission. Some clients like to enshrine this in a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which we are happy to sign and will even provide one if you need us to.

Your information

We will keep any information that we collect about you or your company secure and will not share it with anyone else without your express permission. We will not sell it or transfer it to anyone else. We will only use it to communicate our services to you. If we discover that it is accurate or out of date we will delete it or correct it immediately.

Paying us

I work hard to ensure that you get the outcomes you need. When you agree that we have achieved that I will invoice you and expect to be paid promptly.

Marketing effectivus

Once a project has been successfully completed and is no longer secret, we would like to be able to share the story of your project with other potential clients. We will not do this without your permission and will agree any copy before using it. We hope that you will be glad to be associated with us.

Steeley Solutions Ltd

We work under the brand name of “effectivus” and are incorporated under the name “Steeley Solutions Limited”.