Freeman Christie

Freeman ChristieWe’ve worked with Freeman Christie for many years; helping, cadjoling, questioning and most often just listening.

Freeman Christie are a brand and communications consultancy who, put simply, help organisations communicate themselves clearly, imaginatively and honestly.

Mark was kind enough to offer this observation:

“We’ve known Chris since we started Freeman Christie in late 2003. Back then, we were very much a lifestyle business trying to become a serious one. We had some good clients, were doing good work and making money, but, like most creative businesses, we knew we needed to know more about the financials and business aspects of running the company. Chris has been a phenomenal help with this – patiently, enthusiastically, effectively and with great humour. Thanks – in great measure to Chris – we’ve now been able to develop the business to another, much higher level.

On a personal note, I’ve always been suspicious of procedures and controls, fearing they’ll hedge in and damage creativity and potential. Chris has demonstrated – time and again – how useful the right ones can be.”

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