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Quality Product Time

Having decided to give up full-time work my successor and I decided that we should make a final trip together to visit key customers in the US. It was a great trip to NY and LA, visiting many of the … More

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Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Never Live up to the Promise

The problem of 99% products and what to do about it. More

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Who’s your hero, David Bowie?

Who’s your hero Mr Product Manager? More

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Taxing Brands

Do your tax lawyers and brand marketers agree strategy? More

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User Time vs Compute Time

We obsess about how long an operation takes in software rather than its impact on the user. More

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A Touch Less Sensitive

Touch sensitive screens are not always a good thing. More

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Turkeys won’t vote for Christmas

Why established companies can’t respond to paradigm shifts in the market More

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Adoption and e-books

Adoption is a lot more tricky than we like to think More

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Hearing Customer Needs

What Steve Jobs said and Henry Ford didn’t More

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Flex Your Creative Muscle

Creativity is like a muscle – use it or lose it! More

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